Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing


Ultrasonic Phased Array is used to detect component failures such as cracks and flaws and can be applied for inspection of welds, thickness measurements, corrosion inspection and flaw detection.

Phased array ultrasonic systems utilize multi-element probes, which are individually excited under electronic control. The PA probe consists of many small ultrasonic transducers, each of which can be pulsed independently and by exciting each element in a controlled manner, a focused beam of ultrasound can be generated.

The beam of ultrasound can be steered electronically and can be swept like a searchlight through the metal or object being examined. In this way two and three dimensional views can be generated showing the sizes and locations of any flaws detected in a “slice” view through the object


  • High speed electronic scanning without moving parts, Improved inspection capabilities through software control of beam characteristics and inspection with multiple angles with a single electronically controlled probe.
  • In a linear scanning, whole weld area will be inspected which extremely reduces the inspection time.


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